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Stainless Steel Hollow Hydraulic Torque Wrench
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Stainless Steel Hollow Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Ningbo Instruments Mechanics Low Profile Hollow Hydraulic Torque Wrench is powerful solution for high tensile bolt and nuts tightening and releasing. The hydraulic torque wrench is ultimate tool in heavy duty work. Ningbo Instruments Mechanics hydraulic torque wrench offers standard products up to 70,000 Nm, with bolt diameter size up to 125mm, and hexagon across flats up to 180mm. We have customized hydraulic torque wrench up to 160,000 Nm for the world’s biggest man made dam - The Three Gorge Dam on the Yangtze River.

Our torque wrench has been widely used in oil fields, refinery and petrochemical industry, power and hydro-power plant, cement and construction, shipbuilding and repairs, mining and metallurgy, cranes, tower, machine and equipments test and repairs, maintenance.

Our customers including the most prominent corporation in China, such as China Petroleum, Sinopec, Baosteel, Jiangnan Shipyards, Conch Cement, China Metallurgical Group Corporation, and so on. The quality has been trusted by worldwide multinationals. Our products have been exported to North America, South America, Australia, and EU countries, quality is highly praised by our customers for reliability and durability.
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Model Mini Toruqe  Max Toruqe  Nut Across Flat (mm) L L1 H1 H2 W1 W2 R Weight
Nm Nm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm Kg
TI13-GZK01 227 2266 27-50 205 147 129 100 32 50 41.3 2.2
TI13-GZK02 519 5188 27-65 251.3 188 163 136 41 66 53.8 5
TI13-GZK03 986 9855 50-90 302.5 233 191 166.5 53 83 68.8 9.6
TI13-GZK04 1720 17202 85-115 367 283 223 198 64 99 85.3 16.9
TI13-GZK05 2307 23072 95-135 400.5 308 246 224 70 110 98.8 22.9
TI13-GZK06 4064 40639 100-155 457.5 264 282 265 84 132 115.8 38
TI13-GZK07 3640 50956 130-200 515 484 400 380 88 140 132 42


hollow hydraulic torque wrench
hdyraulic wrench
hydraulic tightening
hdyraulic tool
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● Corrosion resistant surface treatment to prevent corrosion and extend working life;

● Corrosion resistant surface treatment to prevent corrosion and extend working life;

● Stainless steel hollow hydraulic torque wrenches is the ideal bolting solution for the use of high intensity and poor working conditions, especially for the oil, gas refinery, wind power equipment installation and maintenance;

● Hollow hydraulic wrench work by the power head and head composition, with optional cassette for different size to adapt;

● 360 ° × 180 ° rotating hose connector closest tubing-less design, to avoid distortion hydraulic hose distortion preventing damage of the hose;

● Working head with different hexagonal cassettes and sleeves to fit into space-constrained place;

● Safe Design: Pressure relief valve prevents over-pressurization;

● Packed with aluminum tool case, user manual, safety handbook, calibration certificate, and each wrench is encoded with tracking system;

● Compatible to ISO9001:2008 and CE standard;






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