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Hydraulic pump application scenarios

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Hydraulic pump application scenarios


Why hydraulic pump and how ?

Hydraulic pump provides the power source for hydraulic tools, such as bolting tools for tightening and dismantling, or maintenance for equipments. Hydraulic is a powerful source of drive, and widely used as other power cant match, this characteristic makes it the ultimate power for the fluid transmission. Ningbo Instruments Mechanics Co., ltd has been in the hydraulic fluid transmission industry for many years, with a rich expertise and know-how and can provide full category solution and service tailor-made for your unique use cases.


Sorting by pressure

Hydraulic pump can be categorized into different application scenarios according to its pressure differentiation:

● 0-700 bar hydraulic pump.

It is a very usual and widely power source division. Pressure at this degree is the hydraulic bolting tools and jacks power source. Ningbo Instruments Mechanics hydraulic torque wrench and hydraulic jacks are provided by either hydraulic hand pump or electric hydraulic pump.

● 0-1500 bar hydraulic pump

This pressure range require higher pressure compared to the 700 bar, it is usually used in hydraulic bolt tensioner or high pressure hydraulic jack. Pressure amount to this level requires demanding material and parts, so it can support the pressure.

● 0-3000 or higher bar hydraulic pump

It is normally in some extreme environment where high pressure required to drive the hydraulic tools.




Sorting by power source

The hydraulic pump can be classified into 3 types according its power driving source.

● Manual hydraulic pump

Manual means hand or manually operated, it is usually used in areas where hydraulic fluid flow required is small or the frequency of the hydraulic tools is not high, or power such as electric or pneumatic is not available in remote location. In a word, if you dont need to use it much and the tool you are going to pump is small, then the manual hydraulic pump is ideal. It is cheap, easy to carry, no need additional power, just hand operate it you can hydraulic power output.

● Electric hydraulic pump

It is a stale and constant hydraulic power output. With an electric hydraulic pump, you can power big hydraulic tools, such as Tarzan Instruments high tonnage hydraulic jacks cylinders, Ningbo Instruments TI14-LTQ  Series hydraulic torque wrench in wind turbine installation and maintenance.  

● Pneumatic hydraulic pump

It is used in place where electric power or hand operation is too small, and especially in petroleum or chemical environment where explosive material are exposed, pneumatic can serve this extreme conditions.


So what kind of hydraulic pump to choose, it is largely determined by the tools you are going to drive, pressure required, send us inquiry, Ningbo Instruments Mechanics can select and recommend the right hydraulic pump for you.



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