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Hydraulic torque wrench

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Hydraulic Torque Wrench Application


Hydraulic torque wrench is widely applied in high torque and heavy duty bolting work. For its powerful torque value output, the torque wrench can tighten and loose a torque as much as 200,000Nm.

Ningbo Instruments Mechanics Co., Ltd has been in the industry for many years. We are dedicated to hydraulic solution for bolting and lifting.


The Hydraulic Torque Wrench Working Theory

The hydraulic torque wrench is mainly composed of three parts: the frame, the cylinder and transmission parts. For the cylinder, it functions as the power output. When the piston rod and the transmission part of the cylinder together form the movement pair, the center of the cylinder, from this to the center of the transmission part, is mainly to enlarge the torque output. The role of the arm, then we multiply the cylinder output and then multiply the force arm. The result is the theoretical output of the hydraulic wrench, but because of the frictional resistance, the output of the actual hydraulic wrench is less than the theoretical output. With a hydraulic pump as the power supply which pump the hydraulic fluid to the wrench, and continuous hydraulic pressure building in the wrench cylinder, the wrench start to move and do the bolting job.


How to Select the Right Torque Wrench ?

First we need to know the bolt or nut we are going to handle: the material strength grade. Check the below bolt strength grade and material component chart. With the below chart, and the bolt size we have, then we can find out the parallel torque need. Take M72 for example, if the strength grade is 10.9, we can look for the torque 18,060Nm, the bolting torque shall multiply the 0.8, so we get the torque required: 14,448Nm. With the torque selected, we can buy the right hydraulic torque wrench.



Hydraulic Torque Wrench Type

The hydraulic wrench has two types: square driven hydraulic torque wrenches and hollow hydraulic wrenches. The square driven hydraulic torque wrench is used with a standard sleeve and is a universal hydraulic wrench for a wide range of applications. The hollow hydraulic wrench is thinner and is especially suitable for places where space is relatively small. Both are widely used in industries such as electric power (nuclear power, wind power, hydropower, thermal power), shipbuilding and maintenance, metallurgy, transportation, cement, construction, aviation and other fields.

Here are a list of applied scenarios:

Oil piping




Heavy duty vehicle, mining equipments






Thermal Power Station





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