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Hydraulic bolt tensioner

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Hydraulic bolt tensioner application areas


The hydraulic bolt tensioner is used as bolt fastening and disassembly scenarios, and can be widely applied to metallurgical mining, petrochemical, shipbuilding, locomotive manufacturing and other industries. Powered by the hydraulic pump, the bolt is stretched by the elastic amplitude allowed by the material to achieve the purpose of fastening the bolt or dismantling the bolt. Alternatively, it can be installed as a device for applying an axial force as a hydraulic interference connection. It is the ideal bolting equipment for assembly of large and medium-sized mechanical products and equipment maintenance.




Hydraulic bolt tensioning tools have the following advantages:

1. Precision - Bolt load accuracy is extremely high, typically 5% or better. There is no need to consider friction losses and no lubrication. Easy to calculate load transfer and prevent overload.

2. Fast - these tools can be installed and operated quickly.

3. Synchronous stretching – multiple hydraulic bolt tensioners can be hydraulically tightened at the same time.

4. Consistent - Multiple bolts are pre-tensioned at the same time to ensure that the same load is applied to each bolt.

5. Safety - no pinch or reaction problems will occur. The safety of the Ningbo Instruments Mechanics hydraulic stretching system exceeds the industry standard.

6. Versatile - With the adapter kit, a set of fastening tools is available for bolt connections of different sizes.

7. Cost-effectiveness - Combining the above factors, hydraulic bolt tensioners can create practical value for customers.




Petrochemical Bolt Tensioning:

· High pressure heat exchanger

· Pressure Vessel Covers

· Reactor Covers

· Ammonia Converters

· Urea Stripper

· Compressor Casings

· High Pressure Pipe Flange

Power Generation Bolt Tensioning:

· Turbine Casings

· Boiler Feed Pumps

· Boiler Circulating Pumps

· Turbine Coupling Shaft

Mining Bolt Tensioning System:

· Shearer Section Bolts

· Winding gear Bearing Bolts

· Road Headers

· Conveyor Gear Boxes

· Stone Crushers

· Power Loader Section to Section

· Bolting Section to Underframe Bolting

· Drum Removal systems

· Downdrive Bolting

· Conveyor Gearbox Bolting

· Bridge Conveyor Bolting

· Road Heading Machines

Steel Industry Bolt Tensioning:

· Heavy Section Mill

· Hydraulic Cassette Clamps

· Hydraulic Load / Overload Capsules

· Live load Clamping

· Foundation Bolting

· Medium Section Mill

· Hydraulic Roll End Clamps

· Mill Stand Clamping

· Foundation bolting

· Plate Mills

· Mill Stand Clamping

· Gearbox Clamping

· Foundation Bolting

· Continuous Casters

· Hydraulic Double Acting Clamps

· Special Hydraulic Jacks.

· Hot & Cold Mills

· Mill Stand Clamping

· Foundation bolting

Petrochemical Bolt Tensioning:

· High pressure heat exchanger

· Pressure Vessel Covers

· Reactor Covers

· Ammonia Converters

· Urea Stripper

· Compressor Casings

· High Pressure Pipe Flange



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