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Hydraulic Nuts

Hydraulic Nuts
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Common thread locking is generated by the rotation of torque wrench as the driving force to lock, which is largely consumed in overcoming friction between the threads, especially for large diameter threaded connection, it is constrained by manpower, tools and work space, which is difficult to achieve the designed preload and installation requirements, worse, inaccurate, therefore, it is easy to loose the connection after machine vibration or long time work.

Hydraulic nuts completely changed the traditional way of screwing, changed the traditional axial tensile locking torque lock. The use of force by means of ultra-high pressure pump to drive the hydraulic nuts, bolts fastening axially elongated, close to the yield point of the material, the use of an elastic material itself with threaded lock.

Ningbo Instruments Mechanics International Hydraulic Nut facilitates easy and fast to install a bearing with, precise, high hydraulic drive strength. Furthermore, removing the bearings mounted in either an adapter or withdrawal sleeves are often difficult and time consuming. These problems can be reduced with the use of Ningbo Instruments Mechanics hydraulic nut . Oil is pumped into the nut and the piston is pushed out of power, which is sufficient to release the sleeve . All Ningbo Instruments Mechanics TI-HN nuts are fitted with quick connectors to fit Ningbo Instruments Mechanics Hydraulic Pumps
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